How Long Before Women See Breast Augmentation Results

Are you looking forward to seeing your breast augmentation results? The good news is that people will notice an immediate change in the volume and appearance of their chest. The question of how long women will have to wait to see the final result is a little more complicated. Here are some things to consider.


It usually takes six months for patients to heal completely from this procedure. The incision sites will have healed well before that, and the patient should not feel pain constantly. The healing period does not merely take into account the resorption time of swelling; it also includes the time that implants need to settle into their final position.

The implants are put in place so that they can gradually conform to the shape of the body. This means that the plastic surgeon positions the implants higher than expected in anticipation of the evolution of their final position.

Other aspects of healing

In addition to changes in the position of the implants following the procedure, numbness and tingling sensations are also common during the days, weeks and sometimes months following surgery. These sensations are intermittent, but they do not persist. Itching around the breasts caused by a specific tension of the skin can also occur while your body is adjusting and healing, it is a typical sensation that dissipates over time.

What can be done to help the healing process?

The most important thing women can do after their breast augmentation is to follow the advice of their cosmetic surgeon. It may involve wearing a restraining bra, taking certain medications or following certain restrictions. Make sure to eat well and rest for the first few days and seek your surgeon’s advice before resuming normal activities.

To help the implants stay in place, women may be asked to perform a gentle breast massage (non-systematic) about two weeks after the surgery. Some women are concerned about the possibility of stretch marks forming after the operation. Although they are possible, they are not frequent.

However, to make sure that your skin is in the best possible condition, remember to moisturize regularly during the healing period. This action relieves any possible itching, too. Learn more on the Instagram page of Dr. Zacharia.