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Why You Should Get Your W-2 Form from Your Previous Employer

As people try to earn a living, they switch careers as they search for greener pastures. It is essential for one to get a w-2 form from the previous employer as it is vital. The report provides information regarding your year and indicates if the employer has been deducting the right amount form your wages or salary. The IRS can refund you or ask you to pay depending on your w-2 form.

It is critical for a worker to use the figures in the document while submitting tax returns. The report shows various figures among them; your wages, deductions, insurance and retirement plans It goes ahead to show other benefits like independent care. Unlike those who have their jobs and they are not confident in paying a particular amount of tax, the document gives your yearly wages, and the employer has to abide by the rules.

Thus, you should take a step to acquire the form to avoid having problems with the authorities; even if you are in a transition whereby you are changing jobs, make a point of getting the document from the former employer. Below are some of the guidelines, you can keenly follow to get your w-2 form from an employer.

Check with the Administration
In every firm, there is a working mechanism to take care of the staff salaries, wages, and other benefits; you should make a point and call the individuals responsible. You can inform the individuals of your intentions by calling them or even email them. You should be careful and scrutinize your addresses to check for any errors that might end up messing your efforts. Follow the procedures to track them fast and ensure that the document gets to you in time. By picking the document form the office, you can save time and solve any arising issues.

Call IRS
At times the former employer may be out of business, you take a step and consult the IRS.They have a copy of the form, and they can also assist you in contacting the former employer. You should submit an identification number of the employer; you can get it from previous documents. The authorities will then send a reminder to the employer.

Use Other Channels
If you do not have the luxury of time, it is wise to check for other channels to ensure you follow the laws. You can visit IRS site and follow other procedures to submit your tax returns.

The Benefits of W-2 Form
It presents how much you get in a year and the various contributions. You can use it in a tax filing process and claim your refund if any.

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